Welcome to Maier's Ranch & Grove. Our grove is in De Luz which is in the Temecula hills; on the West side of Temecula. Our ranch is located in the Temecula Wine-country; which is on the East side of Temecula.
At Maier Ranch we planted our herbs in an enclosed herb garden. We also have a big ginkgo biloba tree along with berries, vegetables and fruit trees. We have a big Bay Laurel tree (3 foot high), several big rosemary bushes, Mints, Chocolate Mints, lavendar bushes and sevarl rose geraniums. We also have basils, lemongrass, thymes, tarragon, oregano, parsley, sages and anise.

If you love Thai food you should know about some of the fresh herbs and vegetables that make Thai food uniquely distinct in scents and taste.

We grow 2 kaffir lime trees in two pots, they seems to be doing well. This plant is also called Thai lime and it bears fruit, and the Thais use the skin of the fruit and the leaves of the plant This limes' zest hold the unique flavor in many Thai dishes.

Another herb that gives Thai food special flavor is the 'Siam Queen' Thai basil. This is easy to grow in the garden once the danger of frost is over.

Another unique flagrant and flavor of Thai food comes from Cilantros. It is a must have to be sprinkling on many Thai dishes.

And don't forget garlic, lemon grass, ginger and coriander. I also grow lemon grass and ginger in the pots during winter time. Once the weather is nice, I started to put them in my garden.

You can buy ginger rhizome and lemon grass from a Chinese grocery from many of the supermarkets in the spring when it's fresh. I cut up ginger and use some of the rhzome for cooking and I plant some of it in a container filled with potting soil. If you want to grow them indoor, be sure to place the pot in a location with direct sunlight. Once the growth reaches 12" height, harvest the rhizome for cooking and for growing another ginger plant.

The lemon-grass in the supermarket usually have no root but you can try to find the ones with small hard stem on the bottom. You can put them in the water for a few weeks and the roots will grow out of those stems. You can grow them indoor in a pot and put them out in the garden in the sun later on. They need lots of water and will grow to about two feet tall plus produce many more plants from a few cuttings.

We have photos of the kaffir lime, lemongrass, cilantros and ginger on our site here.

On my last trip to Thailand, I also made a short visit to Phuket. My youngest son and I stayed at a very elegant hotel and a brand new hotel on the beach at Karon Beach.

Crown Plaza Karon Beach.
* Well, you wont find the name Crowne Plaza Hotel in Phuket any longer. The hotel is now called Mövenpick Resort & Spa!!
Although, some of the booking sites still refer to the hotel as
Crowne Plaza.

My youngest son gave me a gift certificate for half an hour herbal bath with an hour of massage at the Tea Tree Spa which is part of the hotel and located in the hotel compound.

The experience gave me a real sense of how important for one to take care and nurture one's body, spirit and soul.

I truly enjoyed the quiet time in the hot herbal bath. The herbal in the bath water came from the potpourri sachet which was simmer in the water in the bath tub that is covered with 100 of fresh flower petals.

The bath and the oil massage was what my spirit sorely needed after the stressful and sorrowful weeks of mourning for my youngest brother who passed away unexpectedly.

More photos of Crowne Plaza

Our ranch is nothing like the Crowne Plaza but we have an organic herb garden, an orchard and several vineyards. I was excited with the possibility that I can create the herbal bath potpourri for myself and for sharing with my friends. We have hugh collection of fresh and organic herbs, fresh fruits and grapes in our own garden..

A few weeks after I returned from Thailand, I decided to experiment with our ranch's luscious collection of herbs and fresh fruits from the orchard. I create a blend of potpourri potion. It is a blend which combines the therapeutic and vibrational healing powers of fragrant from the oils of the natural flowers and herbs.

I truly enjoy my herbal satchet that I create and I am proud to bring you a truly unique selection of herbal products and oil extract, to enrich your life and nurture your soul You deserve a blissful journey towards all of your destinations.

With our herbal potpourri satchet, you can transform your bath into a luxurious spa experience. Our herbal satchet is made from pure organic herbal potpourri without any preservatives or additive.

All the herbs and flowers are picked fresh, sundried and crushed lightly to provide the ingredients for the healing energies. The synergies combinations of herbs, flower oil essences and a touch of spice.

This morning we have a beautiful blue sky after a few days of rain. We were so happy since we have a chance to gather fresh flowers for our next batch of potpourri sachets again.

Cloudy sky and snowcapped mountains, a breath-taken view infront of our ranch in the Wine Country.

The day after the rain, we have a beautiful clear blue sky.

Maier Ranch Potpourri Formula.
Herbal Satchet

Our Karffir Lime leaves

Our Bay Laurel Tree

One of our vineyards

Our Herb Garden

The young and green Cabernet Franc

Another view of the vineyard.

Latest photos

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